5 Great Design Resources

Hello world!

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Amy Lucas, and I’ve recently joined the DailyDrip team as its graphic designer. Besides a passion for great design; I am a photographer, travel enthusiast, and foodie.

As my first DailyDrip blog post gift to the internet world, I’d like to share some design resources with you. This design linkdump contains a smattering of everything, I hope it creatively inspires you!

First off is Unsplash: high resolution photos you can do whatever you want with (yes, literally anything!). For when you want stock photos that don’t look like stock photos. [ A project by @crewlabs ]

Looking for your company’s branding colors? Colorhunt provides hundreds of ready-made color palettes. [ Created by @galgalshir ]

Building a website or app for your new super awesome company? This site has an excellent collection of product, pricing, checkout, and store pages. [ Curated by @tchret ]

Great source of free and paid icons for just about any icon you can imagine.

Tired of regular old Lorem Ipsum? Meet the Ipsums has an extensive collection of all kinds of creative and hilarious Ipsums. Bacon ipsum, cat ipsum, and hipster ipsum are my current favorites. [ By @twholman and @claudioguglieri ]

And finally, a bonus link to one of my favorite design resources: the Creative Market! This site is a platform for creatives to sell their fonts, themes, stock photos, etc. AKA = so many pretty things that are dangerous for my wallet 😅. Sign up for their newsletter to get 6 FREE goodies every Monday!

Thank you for reading ✌️,