Agile is Bullshit at the DoD, Deplatformed is the new black, Lua’s architecture, easy web performance gains

Lua is cool, been around a long time, and here is a deep dive into its design. Everyone will learn something useful from this article. is a weird cat. They support free speech, but have been deplatformed for that notion. At the same time, some of the most vile sentiments on the web are posted there. Meanwhile the same speech on Facebook and Twitter are often removed. Even Apple's Tim Cook argues Asking Big Tech to police hate speech is a dangerous path. That brings up some interesting DMCA Safe Harbor questions, but for us developers an interesting thought exercise. What would you do if your company was deplatformed, where would you host, and how would you ensure the survival of your business?

Web performance is hard, but this article by Ivan Akylov is one of my favorite articles of the week. You'll get a solid intro to why performance is so important, as well as actionable steps you can take to improve the performance of your sites.

If Eric Schmidt and Neil deGrasse Tyson call out your development methodology, you're doing it wrong. Check out how the Defense Innovation Board called out the DoD's use of 'Agile'. Also check out the DIB Guide: Detecting Agile BS.

Everything shouldn't be a single page app. An interesting take on the ways SPA can be a bad thing. The takeaway: make sure you fully understand the tradeoffs before deciding to build an SPA.

Chrome has released early support for WebAssembly threads, and included in their announcement is a great primer on how and why they are implemented. Also check out this article on Multithreading Rust and Wasm

Github Octoverse 2018 is out, and Java, Javascript and Python take the top language slots for the fourth year in a row.

Because we all need another way to goof off on the net, checkout this Game Boy emulator written in Elm, as well as the repo behind it.

If you're into Ruby, but want something like Elixir's Typespecs, check out Gradual typing of Ruby at Scale and video.

Tech salaries are yourself to thousands of other salaries, and cheer in delight or cry in despair, whichever is appropriate.

Linus's break wasn't very long.

gRPC-web is officially released, allowing you use a gRPC server directly without going through an HTTP intermediary..

Most people learn code by reading code, so shouldn't you read some good code? Check out this curated list of repos with good code, and the orange site discussion which expands on the idea. Note that it's easier to read your code if it's clean, and that goes for your git repos as well.

Videos are out from React Conf 2018 from the last week. Check it out and learn what people have been doing with React and what React's future looks like. We're excited about Hooks! Also React proposes Hooks, a way to handle state and other React features outside of classes. Some have already professed their love.

Reach all the way back to 2017 for A crash course in just-in-time (JIT) compilers then you'll understand why HolyJit is an awesome idea, and a huge undertaking.

IBM will purchase Red Hat, and people disagree about the wisdom of that idea. I tend to like Cringely's take, and think that Red Hat could spark massive growth at Big Purple--if IBM is willing to learn from them.

Check out this talk on Structured Editing for Elm* In Elm by Ravi Chugh from Elm Conf.

Netflix made its own Function as a Service (think AWS Lambda). It's always cool to get an insight into why people do things themselves, and how they go about it.

Dude sells encryption program. Dude hands over source to NSA (without a warrant). Dude brags about it. These actions are not something we should celebrate, but maybe this tiny piece of text is.

A lot of people are loving the functional bandwagon, but what about when you use functional ideas in inherently non-functional languages? Nicholas Kariniemi explores this in Fear, trust and JavaScript: When types and functional programming fail.

Getting root in Linux, an interesting video demo of an exploit. Seems to be going around, here is another on how systemd parsing has a buffer overflow exploit.

A sneak peek at Ecto 3.0: performance, migrations and more