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  • PCM Audio - video - Generating PCM Audio and making some noise
  • Implementing Logo, Part 1 - video - Implementing the Logo graphical programming language in Elixir with wxWidgets. In this episode we just implement the underlying GenServer.
  • Continuous Integration - video - Using Semaphore CI to automatically test a Phoenix application each time we push new code.
  • Phoenix and Elm - video - Using elm-brunch to wire your Elm application into Phoenix's default build pipeline.
  • Bamboo Email - video - A library from Thoughtbot that makes it easy to send emails that is testable, composable, and adapter-based.



  • Introduction to Sidekiq - A basic introduction and overview of the Sidekiq background processing system.
  • Installation and First Job - video - Installing Sidekiq and writing and executing your first job.
  • Serialization of Arguments - video - Considerations for data types used in arguments in your workers.
  • Error Handling - video - A discussion of Sidekiq's retry process, exception monitoring, and idempotence.
  • Signal Handling - video - Interacting with your Sidekiq worker processes via UNIX signals.
  • Deployment - video - Deploying a Rails app to Heroku that uses Sidekiq for background processing.
  • API - video - Diving into Sidekiq's Ruby API.
  • Sidekiq Pro: Reliability and Pausing Queues - video - Exploring what can go wrong with Sidekiq when workers die unceremoniously and how Sidekiq Pro resolves the issue. Also, examining the ability to pause queues.
  • Sidekiq Pro: Batches and Callbacks - video - Creating batches of jobs that can be monitored as a group, and having callbacks run when the batch is complete.

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  • Elm Weekly Drip #1 - A list of useful introductory links when early on your path to learn Elm.
  • Elm Weekly Drip #2 - Must-see links per the elm-lang slack channel and found via the Mailing List.
  • Elm Weekly Drip #3 - A collection of links from the ML, Slack, and the internet in general. A video by Richard Feldman, a way to find new Elm libraries, and dealing with CSS/HTML Animations in Elm, and more!
  • Elm Weekly Drip #4 - A bit of learning, a bit of new libraries, and a great Richard Feldman video.
  • Elm Weekly Drip #5 - A trove of useful information if you want to deep dive into understanding the core concepts behind Elm.
  • Elm Weekly Drip #6 - A heavy focus on content from NoRedInk. Everything from code style suggestions to tools to help build JSON decoders.
  • Elm Weekly Drip #7 - Structuring larger Elm apps, creating web components that use Elm internally, how languages can encourage productivity by being difficult, a blip on a Radar, and $$$$.
  • Elm Weekly Drip #8 - Visualizing Elm Signals; an awesome elm sound toy; a comparison of component styles; Elm and Elixir; another Elm intro video; and an idea for disambiguating some union tags.
  • Elm Weekly Drip #9 - Accidentally Concurrent, Fractal UI Patterns, Ray Tracing, Electron, the role of Effects and Tasks, and a discussion of producing Swift code from Elm (or not).

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