Converting a Google Doc to Markdown

If you are a writer, or want to be, you have probably heard of Markdown. I have had the privilege of converting a ton of stuff to Markdown. This often takes a long time–and while I don’t regret the way I did it–now when I’m in a hurry, I have a new method.

There is a tool that has been around for while (over four years), that can make this process much quicker and easier.

Today, I’m going to convert the text below from a google doc into markdown.

Practice Blog Post

This is a practice blog post. Today, I am going to turn it into markdown, by running a script as a test. Here is a link (CMD + k = to add link) to the repo I will be using.

  • Step One: Make a new google doc and copy the text above to it.

  • Step Two: Highlight the word ‘link’ and press (Cmd + k) to add a link.

  • Step Three: Make the title a header, and bold some words. I bolded running a script, but you can bold any words you would like.

  • Step Four: Click tools and then click ‘Script editor.’

  • Step Five: Delete any code in the editor and press (Cmd + s) save.

  • Step Six: Paste the code from this function and save (Cmd + s).

  • Step Seven: Click run, and then click convert to Markdown.

  • Step Eight: An email will come to your inbox with the markdown file. Congratulations!

*Here is a link to the repo created by Mangini.

*Video is a link to a Youtube video of this process.

Disclaimer: The first time I did this, I didn’t think it worked. So, I did the markdown by hand (took about 20 min). Only to wake up the next morning to find the markdown email in my inbox. Which I did not check, because I didn’t think it worked 😅.