DailyDrip is hosting an Elixir Remote Meetup each month!

I've had a lot of fun with the Elm Remote Meetup that we started, and so I chatted with the people in the Elixir community that were doing Remote Meetup style things and we decided to kick off an Elixir Remote Meetup. The organization for the meetup is happening in the Elixir Slack Community in the #remote-meetup channel.

If you want some back-story on why I think these are important, the same things I wrote in this post on why we were starting the Elm Remote Meetup apply!

We've partnered with RemoteMeetup to put these on, and we're really looking forward to helping make this even bigger than the Elm Remote Meetup was. For the record, we had 100 registrations and 83 people on the waitlist for the first Elm one, and the fine folks at BigMarker are making sure we can accommodate up to 1,000 people going forward for these meetups.

I hope you'll share this with people and help us make this thing great!

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