Elm Remote Meetup #2 Is Coming

Well, the first elm remote meetup was pretty fantastic, having 100 people registered and 81 people on the waitlist. We're coming up on the second remote meetup, on July 11 at 1800 UTC.

I'm super happy to announce that RemoteMeetup now counts BigMarker as a sponsor, and they've graciously provided us with the premium plan, which means that from now on, our remote meetups can accomodate up to 1,000 people. This is really great.

I know that we had some technical issues last time. This time, the CEO of BigMarker has said he would attend the meeting to make sure we have the best possible experience. Also, reviewing the logs showed that our technical issues were due to the server we were hosted on being underpowered with respect to the number of presenters we had, so they've modified their system to guarantee that we'll land on their beefiest boxes going forward.

Please, share this post with anyone you think will be interested! We'd love to beat our 181 registrations from the last meetup. See you there!

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