Incentivize open source development with blockchain

Incentivize is a blockchain based platform that lets open source projects collect donations and payout to contributors. Linkdump follows.

Project Spotlight:

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Incentivize is an incentive platform that enables organizations or individuals to distribute Stellar Lumens (XLM) to project contributors. The software industry is lacking an incentive platform for building developer communities around projects. Existing solutions include bounty offerings, wages and salaries, and donations for maintainers. These solutions have a high barrier of entry, and are often difficult for random developers and companies to take part in.

Contributors to open and closed source projects should be incentivized for the value they bring to a project beyond their time. We have been tracking contributions internally at Revelry for over a year, and this project brings some of our concepts public.

How does it work?

Users sign up on Incentivize using their GitHub account. From there, users can decide to support an open source project by providing funding towards a project. They can also contribute to an existing repo on the platform. A project fund is where a supporter’s Lumens are held. Supporters decide which actions on a repo are rewarded and how many Lumens a contributor receives for each contribution. This means you can be rewarded not just for contributing code, but also for commenting on issues, closing pull requests, and more.

What contributions would you like to see on the actual platform?

We welcome any contributions. We are especially looking for any UX/UI tweaks for better usability, support for emails and notifications, and batch processing or scheduling of contribution rewards.

Contributions are welcome! To join in on the conversation, check out the #incentivize channel on the revelry-public Slack team.

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