Introducing Firestorm - An Elm-powered forum engine built atop Elixir and Phoenix


DailyDrip is building an open-source forum engine with an Elm frontend. We’re doing it via a Kickstarter campaign that has just 8 days remaining. We’d love your support! More details below.


A stylish forum mockup, no?

There isn’t a good alternative to Google Groups for forums, and there should be an easy open source alternative for comment systems. An Elm frontend is a no-brainer.

The Kickstarter closes on December 22.

Starting in January we will spend the first month doing weekly design and planning meetings with our supporters. We will also share the plans and designs along the way. We would love feedback on the project early on from our backers.

After the design process we will spend a few weeks building out the initial backend and basic HTML views. We want Firestorm to be accessible to people that don’t know Elm, just want a good Phoenix example application, or don’t enable JavaScript.

After the backend and API are completed, we will build an Elm interface that replaces the existing HTML and provides a richer experience to the end user as a Single Page Application.

Elm and Phoenix, BFF

We plan on building Firestorm using Web Components - my recent experiments with them have been extremely promising and should be a really modular way to build out the front end.

You can find more details at the Kickstarter campaign site.


Josh Adams

Co-Founder, DailyDrip