No more hassle with React Native

If you have any experience with React Native, you’ll already know about some great React Native libraries. You might have even heard about this awesome React Native repository where we can find wonderful libraries. Even with the availability of such nice libraries, sometimes they’re hard to use because you never know if they work perfectly with iOS and Android. They might have similar behaviors for both platforms – or they might not, and don’t know if they’ll still work when a new version of React Native comes out.

These questions and common problems have been solved by the team at InfiniteRed. They have created Ignite, a framework (or kit) of libraries using best practices for React Native. The best thing about Ignite is that they test it every day in production because they care about their clients.

Personally, I have learned a lot studying the Ignite code and structure. There are a lot of really cool things to learn, and I highly recommend you create a new Ignite app and check out the generated code. The comments in the code are worth reading whether you're an experienced developer or a beginner. In the last Ignite version, they added plugins and the option for third parties to create plugins for your application.

Ignite gives us a set of libraries, but if you don't love one of them it's completely fine to change it and do it your way. For example, I normally use Redux Thunk instead of Redux Sagas, so in my Ignite applications, I change it.

I've previously talked about Ignite in this drip, the libraries they use and how to start a new app. Below I’ve left you some interesting resources about Ignite.

I really think you should give Ignite a try, you will enjoy it!

Ignite 2 screenshot