Open Source Spotlight: Elm-Beam, Exploring Elm on the Erlang VM

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Elm-Beam: Exploring Elm on the Erlang VM

elm-beam is an experimental compiler for running Elm on the Erlang Virtual Machine (BEAM). Both Elm and Erlang feature immutable data structures, pattern matching, and first-class functions. Perhaps the deepest similarity is their embrace of message-passing and process-based concurrency. Elm-Beam embraces this similarity, allowing you to create gen_server's in Elm that exist inside OTP supervision trees and applications. This project proves how you might incrementally introduce Elm into Erlang/Elixir systems.

elm-beam is an exploration of these ideas --- not the full Elm on the server story. If you're interested in discussing these ideas more, join the conversation in the #elm-beam channel of the Elm Slack. To learn some more, checkout the repo or this blog post on the motivations behind the project.

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