Open Source Spotlight: GitPitch

Our weekly spotlight of a cool project in the open source community that are looking for exposure or assistance. If you’d like your project to be featured, let us know about it.

Save 20% on tickets to The Big Elixir

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Congratulations to Andy L. and Ben S. on winning tickets to The Big Elixir happening in New Orleans November 8 & 9. The good folks at the conference hooked everyone up with a 20% off coupon SMOOTHOPERATOR, and that stacks with the early bird discount. That means you can go for just $256. It’s going to be a great conference, and we can’t wait to meet a bunch of you there!

Project Spotlight: GitPitch

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This week the spotlight is on GitPitch, the markdown presentation service for everyone on GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

Most developers are familiar with the convention on Git. It gives users a fast and convenient way to generate nicely rendered documentation for any project. GitPitch introduces a brand new convention on Git, the convention. It gives users a fast and convenient way to generate and instantly publish interactive slideshow presentations for any project, service, conference, or meetup.

GitPitch lets you manage slideshow presentations as code. Individual slides, images, styles, logos, etc. can all be managed independently under Git version control. Plus you can reference any source file in your repository and watch it come alive with GitPitch code-presenting.

To get started there is nothing to download. Nothing to install. Just push a to any repository on GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket and your slideshow presentation is instantly available online for sharing. And with one-click can be taken offline, and even printed to PDF.

This project is actively developed. Great new features are being added all the time including the brand new snap-layouts for slide content. Additional subscription features unlock private repositories and dedicated desktop tools for creating, previewing, and presenting slideshow presentations entirely offline.

If you are already on Git and you have an upcoming conference, meetup, or training course to deliver, now is your chance to get even more out of Git with GitPitch.

Enter to win a copy of Phoenix in Action by Geoffrey Lessel.

Phoenix in Action cover

You know how you love winning stuff? This week you can enter to win a copy of Phoenix in Action.

Phoenix in Action teaches you how to use the Phoenix framework to build an online auction site. You'll design and build everything from the core components to the real-time user interactions.

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it’s not news, but it is newsworthy

Ganga.js - Geometric Algebra for Javascript

The Pwnie Awards - nominations for best security exploits of the year

Twinery - js package for choose your own adventure

Bash Infinity - a modern boilerplate/framework/standard library for bash

Teutonic - a modern CSS framework in 12kb, and the code looks solid!

Command line: Rb – Turns Ruby into a command line utility


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