Open Source Spotlight: Remote Meetup - learn and network without leaving your house

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On you can search for meetups around your area. Remote Meetup is similar for remote meetups, where you can look for your your favorite programming languages and find interesting people and meetups. We wrote a bit more about Why We Need Remote Meetups.

This week, there are two meetups scheduled:

Elm Remote Meetup on August 29

Nathan Nichols is organizing an Elm Remote Meetup on August 29 focusing on static websites with Elm.

React Native Remote Meetup on August 30

Franzé Jr is organizing a React Native Remote Meetup on August 30 with two speakers: Nader Dabit will be talking about AWS Amplify and Gant Laborde will be talking about Solidarity.

The project’s website needs some love (currently written in Gatsby and React), and we’d always appreciate more people organizing your own remote meetups. It’s a great way to meet people in a developer community that you’re interested in, and you get a surprising amount of engagement with a Remote Meetup. If you want to help the project -- either by working on the backend or organizing a meetup -- send an email to

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