ReasonML is cool, Swift adopts LSP, Software engineering wisdom, Server side templating: who needs it?

ReasonML: Strict, powerful and forgiving - A great intro to ReasonML. ReasonML is a typescript style competitor to JS, along with reasoning and a short comparison to other competitors in the space. In case you've not gone through the SmoothTerminal multi-part series on ReasonML yet.

Swift to adopt Language Server Protocol - this is a big deal, and @mattt does a great job of describing why that is, and the fundamentals behind LSP. If you aren't sure what the Language Server Protocol is, then this is a wonderful place to start. This also means that long term, Xcode could be a functional IDE for non-Apple languages.

Implementing Bounded Contexts in Elixir - Want bounded contexts in Elixir that are completely independent?

Beating hash tables with trees - Don't know what a trie is? What about a Radix tree? This article discusses a paper that introduces Adaptive Radix Trees and how they can reduce the amount of memory used compared to a regular radix tree.

Things Nobody Told Me About Being a Software Engineer - not super actionable, but a fun collection of thoughts by a seasoned developer.

Architecture no one needs is server side templating - A response to the trending article dissing SPAs. Be sure to check the original author's response. No snark here, this is a good discussion that we need to have, as industry.

GraphQL gets its own OSS foundation - Hosted by the Linux Foundation. I'm really excited for the future of GraphQL, as the switch to an independent governance group will help ensure its longevity outside of the Facebook ecosystem.

Writing a Screencast Video Editor in Haskell - A discussion of what the author describes as the biggest yakshave of his life. tl;dr - screencast-focused editor, written in haskell, which classifies audio and video shots for easier semantic editing.

How Elm Code Tends Towards Simplicity - The author of my favorite elm-graphql library discusses how Elm led him to a simple solution when adding a feature.

Google Cloud Platform Suffers 3 day Kubernetes Engine downtime - never would have guessed it, but devs are salty about it. GCP is pretty great, and generally feels more mature than AWS. Google must do a better job of customer support and downtime management to be viable, though.

Writing a Frontend Web Framework with WebAssembly And Go - A super in-depth tutorial showing how you can write a basic web front end framework in Go, then compile to WebASM. It's not production ready, but it is a great dive into what's possible and the inevitable direction that web development is headed.

Event Sourcing without the hassle - A nice article discussing Event Sourcing with Datomic. It's basically prolog as a database, which sounds amazing, but I've never used it. I wish it were open source.

Data Resilience for Wallaroo - Complicated in the best possible way, I could get lost in this kind of thing for days. The really short version is that Data Resilience is hard, and Wallaroo is built to handle streaming data processing in a highly performant way. Cameo appearance from FTP :)