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Project Spotlight: Verk

Verk is a asynchronous job processing system written in Elixir. Its main goal is to ensure that a job is executed no matter what happens. Jobs do not exist in-memory only, so users can safely enqueue jobs and expect them to be run at least once.

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Verk borrows heavily from Sidekiq/Resque. A client from these projects can enqueue new jobs to Verk, and have them executed in Elixir. This creates a great path for those who are migrating Rails applications to Elixir, or who have mixed deploys and want to scale a single background job queue. Verk has already processed billions of jobs on a single deploy since its conception, and it has its own Verk Web interface written in Phoenix.

Verk instances today are standalone and do not communicate as a cluster. The next big step for the project is ensuring Verk instances can work together knowing what each instance is executing. So for example pausing a specific queue should pause for every instance and scaling up and down should automatically capture lost jobs etc.

Being able to work as a standalone is a boon to those deploying to services like Heroku, where Erlang clustering isn’t feasible.

Check out the open issues and jump in.

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