WASM goes back to the Future, Give Lisp a chance, Microservices vs Monoliths, MongoDB RE-licenses, and Linkdump meta

WebAssembly's post-MVP future - Mozilla publishes the pièce de résistance on WASM--where it started, where it's at, and where it's going. Seriously, don't miss this. They outline the full development process and the long term goals of WASM. If you've been curious about WASM, and not sure where to jump in, this is the piece to start with!

Lisp is an amazing language. This Old Lisp is a recent keynote for this year's LISP Symposium, and How Lisp Became God's Own Programming Language tackles the history of Lisp and its effects on language development. XKCD had its own take way back in the low triple digit days. If this kind of thing interests you, then pick up a copy of Let Over Lambda.

Microservices Are Something You Grow Into, Not Begin With [Blue Site] and Well Architected Monoliths are Okay tackle the microservices and monolith debate. BTW since when are we calling single stack apps Monoliths? It's kinda derogatory to a legitimate architecture.

An Introduction to GPU Programming in Julia - there is a lot of good, understandable code in this post.

GitHub launches Actions, its workflow automation tool [Orange Site]. Also check out the Actions Repo and some docs on it. Looks like you can automate all kinds of stuff now!

The Code of Conduct sagas continue as SQLite gets a CoC [Orange Site] [Blue Site] as announced on the SQLite Mailing list. This one pulls from the 6th century Rule of Saint Benedict. Also Richard Stallman announced the GNU Kind Communication Guidelines.

30 Blogs & Podcasts For Web Developers To Follow and Top 5 Contemporary Software Engineering Books are just link dumps, but there are some cool resources in there. Also how fun is it to be the proverbial pot calling the kettle black about linkdumps in a linkdump?

MongoDB switches up its open-source license - MongoDB has created a new license, the Server Side Public License, which puts additional requirements on services offering hosted MongoDB. This is a big deal, because some OSS-based companies have trouble surviving when their income is drawn from hosting their project. This is an even bigger problem when the competitors don't Open Source their systems as well.

OOP is dead, long live OOP - A critique of the common EC/ECS pattern used in game development, exploring the use of common Object Oriented Design techniques to provide a better experience without the need to construct what amounts to a custom Virtual Machine with unmanageable side effects.

NodeJS as an... Operating System? - Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.

Upcase is Now Free! - Turns out it's difficult to make money selling software development education content, we at Smooth Terminal / DailyDrip can give you an ear full on that!. Thoughtbot opens up their Upcase platform as they pivot back into doing consulting full time.

...Also GitHub was down, but you already knew that.