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Firestorm, the Open Source Phoenix-based forum & comment system has reached its initial goal of raising $10,000! We couldn't have done it without you and your support, and we are very appreciative of the community building around our new project. Having reached our goal means we’ll be building and open sourcing the platform under the MIT license. We’ll also be covering its production on the Elixir topic over at DailyDrip.com

Not only will there be great content around the Firestorm Forum, but we’ll also make a month of free content covering the basics of Elixir and Phoenix. This will be free forever to anyone wanting to learn Elixir – it’s a great language and we love seeing Elixir grow! 

We’d love early feedback on the system, as well as any additional support for it over on Kickstarter. There are only nine days left to join!

Besides that, we’ve also created a bunch of new free content on DailyDrip. Check out these great free episodes! An introduction to GraphQL, using the Absinthe package to create a GraphQL server.

[Elixir 281] GraphQL with Absinthe]
An introduction to GraphQL, using the Absinthe package to create a GraphQL server.

[React Native 002.2] Persisting data in React
How to persist data in React Native using Async Storage.

[Swift 002.2] Basic Flow-Control
Changing program flow with Optionals in Swift.


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