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Ionic surveyed its community to find out more about what type of apps they are building. This is the first time Ionic has ever done a survey for its community, and more than 13,000 developers participated. The survey found that Hybrid dev is taking over, Firebase is on top for hosted backend services, and a lot of people are using VS Code. There are a lot of interesting finds in this article; of 13,000 respondents, 40% work for themselves and nearly half don’t track errors! Take a look at all of the results, but keep in mind that sampling bias is a thing - in a different community, the results almost certainly look wildly different.

OSS developers are angry, and not just the ‘misinterpreted pull-request comment’ kind of anger. A company called Kite is maintaining an OSS project and has made some changes to the project which many have called advertising. One of their updates was titled Implement Kite promotion. Talk about being caught red-handed.

Microsoft launched Windows Bounty Program. Qualifying vulnerabilities reported can get anywhere from $500 to $250,000. It’s a gold rush, get your monies here. Microsoft also announced the ‘end’ of Paint -- but really Paint is just joining the windows store, and yes it is free.

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🎉 Adobe announced end-of-life for Flash 🎉 They will continue to update and distribute Flash through 2020. There currently is a petition that has over 2,000 stars (signatures) to open source the Flash spec to preserve old Flash projects. The Wicked Old Witch at last is dead.

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tl;dr terrifying.

What if researchers found an exploit that could create a cross-platform worm that infected mobile phones with zero user interaction required? Just a hypothetical. In an unrelated note, "Broadpwn is a fully remote attack against Broadcom’s BCM43xx family of WiFi chipsets, which allows for code execution on the main application processor in both Android and iOS. Lengthy and fascinating writeup - if your phone is in range of an Access Point running this, they have arbitrary remote code execution. It’s not that big of a deal though - only 70% of phones surveyed in their research run this chipset.

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