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Jeff Harris embedded a RESTful API into the classic 1993 game DOOM, allowing the game to be queried and controlled using HTTP and JSON. Full details in the article, of course, but essentially he slipped a C-based RESTful HTTP server into chocolate-doom, without breaking the game loop. The source is available on GitHub.

Stanford AI educator Andrew Ng announced and a new course on Deep Learning on Coursera. Andrew says these courses will help you effectively learn and apply Deep Learning, and will help you start building a career in AI. Read the full article or take a look at the course sequence. Sign up quick; the first course starts Aug. 15.

Swift 4 will no longer be accepting proposals as of Aug. 8th. Ted Kremenek of Apple said Now it is time to turn our attention to Swift 5. Ted said Swift 5 is going to focus on ABI Stability, laying the groundwork for concurrency, and refining and broadening the core of the language.

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DeepMind and Blizzard are pushing the barriers on AI research by open sourcing some awesome AI research tools. From a new Machine Learning API developed by Blizzard to a DeepMind toolset that allows easy AI integration with StarCraft II called PySC2. [ed. As someone deeply addicted to StarCraft2, I wholeheartedly support this development.]

Lukas Schörghuber decided to bid farewell to writing Go. He had some good things to say about the language including Message passing natively supported, truly fat binaries and support for BSD and Windows. However, for him the cons outweighed the pros. Cons include strict enforcement of Google code guidelines, broken package management, missing generics, and more. While you’re getting rid of Go, go ahead and dump Firebase as well.

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Unreal engine released version 4.17. New updates include sequencer improvements, global shader support for plugins, and initial support for development on Xbox One X. Read the full update or watch really cool videos showing off the new features.

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Dive Deeper - Regex, Tor, and Algos -- ohh my!

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