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ElixirConf 2017 was this week. Go take a look at some of the talks like Thinking in Ecto and Writing an Editor in Elixir. You can take a look at the schedule or watch all of the talks. [ed. I’m giving a talk on the Firestorm Forum in a few hours.]

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PHP, C#, and Java see little to no growth over the past 6 years. Python has skyrocketed in popularity and use. For the first time Python is more popular than Javascript according to Stackoverflow trends tool, and future traffic only predicts even more popularity for the language.

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Facebook announced Yarn 1.0. The package manager is now averaging right below 3 billion package downloads per month. New features in Yarn 1.0 include Yarn Workspaces, Auto-merging of lockfiles and selective version resolutions.

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Sean Han built an app to illustrate how a blockchain works. You can install the app via command line or try it out in the browser. Learn about blockchain basics in a fun way, and read about what keeps a blockchain immutable.

Alex Devero has six simple tips for you on how to write clean code. Top tips include making code readable, using meaningful names for variables, and letting every function or method only perform one task. Alex argues that your code will be easier for team onboarding and easier to follow if you follow his six tips. Read all of his tips and get started writing some clean code.

alt text Headless Chrome is way faster than PhantomJS, shows @Hartator. In his tests, he shows Headless Chrome is more than twice as fast as PhantomJS while consuming a third less memory. Switch now, double your integration speeds?

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