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In San Francisco, contractors are potentially making more than full-time employees. On average, contract workers are making $214,000 compared to full-time workers salary $134,000. Hired.com’s data also showed contract work is up 4% since 2015. Read a full writeup on the data by the San Francisco Business Times.

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Keybase launched encrypted git. The feature is end-to-end encrypted, and is a free alternative to Github private repositories. You can also clone an existing repository from GitHub, Gitlab, or Bitbucket as well.

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Mozilla awarded $539,000 to OSS projects. Top awards went to Ushahidi ($194,000), Webpack ($125,000) and RiseUp ($100,000). Read more about MOSS (Mozilla Open Source Support), and recent open source projects Mozilla is supporting.

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Are you ready to get your Hacktoberfest on? We want to help you. DailyDrip will be holding a Remote Hackathon to help people contribute to open source projects to get their Hacktoberfest PRs in. DailyDrip’s Remote Hacktoberfest Hackathon will be from Oct. 13th - 15th, but Hacktoberfest is all month long. Register for the Hackathon weekend, and we’ll code something awesome together.

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