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Jeff Wainwright details Code Review Etiquette on CSS-Tricks. Some of his tips include keeping passionate conversations quite and trying to review the code instead of the author. Jeff notes that right and wrong sometimes can change so it is important to conceptualize each situation.

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Android Studio released version 3.0. Newest features include instant run, Intelligent code editor and a feature-rich emulator. Also, starting with this release and moving forward, Android studio will support Kotlin.

The folks behind the Ego web framework released Riot, an Open Source full text search engine written in Go. The engine features are efficient indexing and search, support for logical search, and a very simple way to get started. Look at some of the different examples to get started. Having something other than Lucene sounds fantastic.

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Have you ever wondered how unreal engine renders a frame? Well, either way, you are in luck, because Kostas Anagnostou did a 3 part series on exactly how unreal engine renders frames. Kostas explains and examines Particle Simulation, Z-Prepass, Testing to occlusion and more. Take a look at part 1, part 2 & part 3.

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