[Weekly Drip 038.1] Blockchain Blockers, The State of JavaScript, Sustainable FE practices


Preethy Kasireddy discusses fundamental challenges to bringing public blockchains mainstream, and provides a summary of potential upcoming solutions to each of them. She thinks less effort should be spent on ICOs, and more on overcoming these hurdles, including scalability concerns, insufficient privacy, inadequate tooling, and more. My personal concerns are formal verification (let’s avoid DAO2) and on-chain governance, but it’s nice to be reminded of where my blind spots are. This is an impressive write up by an expert in blockchain, and not to be missed!

Looking to get hired as a Software Engineer? Look no further. Coding Interview University is a list of study topics to help you become a Software Engineer. John Washam made the list, and it is the material he used to study before he got a job at Amazon as a Software Engineer. I’ve seen a couple of these before, and I’ve bookmarked this one to go through. Best one yet, bar none.

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GitHub predicts next year data will rule all. Jason Warner, SVP of Technology at GitHub, says 2017 was all about ML and AI. Warner predicts in 2018 the workflow war heating up, security moving into the spotlight permanently, and open source continuing to climb the stack. What are your 2018 predictions? Tweet @dailydripcom to tell us! Matt predicts Angular will have 5 more versions.

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Do you hate writing Front-end code? Maybe you are just missing some best practices. Evil Martians explores how to write a Modern Front-end in Rails. Their first and second articles start a series that is applicable not just to the Rails world, but most MVC frameworks. They are well researched and full of great advice on how to take your junk drawer of CSS and turn it into a maintainable structure that you’ll be happy to work in.

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The results are in for The State of JavaScript 2017 Survey. 20,000+ developers in the JS world responded for the richest and messiest year JavaScript has seen yet. Most JS developers are using React over other frameworks, and they are interested in learning Vue. Over ⅓ of JS developers are not satisfied with any back-end js technologies, see what they are using instead. The results feature an awesome ‘connections tool’, which allows you select different tools respondents most often use with other tools in the JS ecosystem.

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