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The New York Times isn’t a site we often link to, but in Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble author Steven Johnson dives deep into bitcoin, blockchain, and why that’s important for the future of the internet. He explores why the token infrastructure is important, and blockchain should not stand alone as a technical masterpiece. The closing talks about why blockchain tech is important to the future of the open web, and a possible counter to the walled gardens and megacorps of today’s web.

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We previously covered the pix2code paper and AirBnB’s sketch2code. In further research regarding turning web design mockups into code with Deep Learning, Emil Wallner shares code and a write-up detailing teaching a neural network how to code a basic HTML and CSS site based on a picture of a design mockup. He also teaches it to use Bootstrap to reduce complexity and code size. Check out the code on GitHub and Jupyter notebooks on FloydHub.

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WebAssembly is about to get faster when Firefox 58 drops next week. The new update will include Firefox’s streaming compiler, which allows the browser to compile code while the code is still being downloaded.

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Have you ever thought to yourself the internet currently sucks, but couldn’t quite put your finger on why? Tyler Glaiel has a very interesting twitter thread arguing why the internet is currently ran by ‘AI curated garbage’, which will eventually lead users to different platforms.

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2017 JavaScript Rising Stars surveys what is most popular in the JavaScript Landscape by comparing the numbers of stars added on GitHub over the last 12 months. The most popular js project overall was Vue.js with more than 40k stars. A distant second stood React with 27.8k stars, and Create React App in third with 22.5k stars. Take a look at all of the results from the 2017 JavaScript Rising Stars.

Development Dregs

Deep Dive - Awesome Blockchain stuff

  • Miners Aren’t Your Friends - A Miners goal is minimize expenses and maximize profit. They can profit from censoring, delaying, or reordering transactions, so you must program assuming that they might.

  • Filecoin 2017 Q4 Update - The first of many Filecoin updates. They’re hiring for 21+ positions, they explain where engineering is and what some of their challenges are, and they discuss developments in the blockchain space that they’re looking out. Shout out to Tezos!

  • Week in Ethereum News - Shout out to this weekly link dump, it’s really good

  • Simcoin – A Docker-Based Blockchain Simulation Framework - makes it easy to perform realistic simulations of blockchain networks

  • Webthereum - Ethereum programming for web developers

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