[Weekly Drip 046.1] Dinosaurs teach CSS, Developer Compensation, Cargo Cult Development, and ReasonML finds traction


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The dinosaurs are back. This time not to take over, but to explain modern CSS. Learn about the advantages of flexbox, grid and CSS preprocessors and postprocessors in this gem of an explanation. Dinosaurs aside, Peter Jang gives a great intro to Modern CSS.

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Is developer compensation becoming bimodal? tl;dr Dan Luu says probably not but he needs more data. I disagree: it seems to be and it makes sense that it would be. The Orange Site comments discuss it compared to Electrical Engineering not really being bimodal in the same way. From my point of view, it comes down to Electrical Engineering being a commodity in a way that software development is not, due to the fast-paced nature of the field. The best programmers tend to dig into programming minutiae in detail in a way that far fewer traditional engineers do within their field. The programmers that don’t do this tend to fall into the first mode.

James Flight writes on critical thinking in software development, the word ‘should’, and why you shouldn’t listen to Martin Fowler. It’s an intentional clickbait title to draw attention to the pitfalls of shiny-object-driven-development. Flight points out that the facts relevant to the argument are the technical and domain details of the project in question. I’ve fallen into this trap before, so nice to be cognizant of it.

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ReasonML is a syntax and toolchain for OCaml, which can compile down to JavaScript, native code, or bytecode. Khoa Nguyen’s article discusses the toolchain in detail and how it fits together. Once you’re familiar with ReasonML, you might want to deploy a ReasonML React app with Docker.

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