Setting up your Rails API

Today we will create a Rails API. There are several ways to build an API in Rails.

If you're new to Ruby and Rails, check out the website GoRails -…

Blog essentials and design

During my redesign of the DailyDrip website, I had to think about what makes a visually pleasing and user-friendly blog. This is what I came up with!

Keep it simple

[R 001.1] R is Hot


R is free and open source and many new users can go from nothing to data analysis in less than an hour. New users of R have often reached…

[Elixir 003.4] GenStateMachine

State machines are useful for modeling things. Erlang provides an OTP behaviour called gen_statem for building state machines.

antipax built an Elixir wrapper gen_state_machine, to provide a more idiomatic…