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Glimmer and TypeScript

Benjamin Rosas



A course on the newly unveiled GlimmerJS. Glimmer is a React-like DOM-rendering engine in which components are written in TypeScript. Glimmer emerged from the Ember.js framework and will play a large role in Ember's future.


React has (rightfully) received a lot of focus. It is fast, lightweight, flexible and very popular. However there are also a million books and videos and courses on React out in the world. Glimmer is the kind of thing (like Elm and Phoenix) that is cutting-edge and in line with the kind of unique material offered at DailyDrip. A Glimmer course can also be an excuse to introduce TypeScript (a progressively typed superset of JavaScript from Microsoft that is gaining a lot of attention (eg. see Angular 2.0)).


  • Glimmer is super new and likely going to change quickly over the next year or two.
  • Glimmer is not very popular (yet) and so the demand for and recognition of its virtues may be muted.
  • TypeScript may be a turn-off by those who prefer either the non-typed JavaScript, or the strong-typed Elm.


  • Just teach Ember (status quo).
  • Dedicated TypeScript material instead of clumping it with Glimmer.
  • Wait and see where Glimmer is going before committing resources to it.