Docker and Docker Orchestration



Docker is the world’s leading software container platform. Developers use Docker to eliminate “works on my machine” problems when collaborating on code with co-workers. Operators use Docker to run and manage apps side-by-side in isolated containers to get better compute density. Enterprises use Docker to build agile software delivery pipelines to ship new features faster, more securely and with confidence for both Linux and Windows Server apps. (

I think every developer could profit from in-depth knowledge about Docker, both for managing their local dev environment and production deployments. In addition it would be interesting to look at one or two solutions for orchestration (Swarm and Kubernetes for example).


We are working with Hosh, who is an expert on all things Docker and Kubernetes to do a two week series on this. The first will cover the basics of Docker, then the second orchestration with Kubernetes.



Basics of Blockchain programming

Terry Scott


There is one thing I would like to know more: Blockchain programming.

How to create a blockchain app, create bitcoin transactions, things I should do and they are important. Should I know C programming ?

Here are some examples what I would like to know:


We are working with Heath Matlock on this currently, and it should be live soon.



Elixir deploys the Erlang way



So many developers are giving up hot code reloading by using immutable Docker deploys for Elixir projects. That's not the Erlang way! Let's learn how to build an automatic deployment strategy using a library such as Gatling


We'll be covering Elixir deployment as part of the Firestorm Forum project, thanks for the suggestion!




Fábio Beirão


We all love Erlang and Elixir, but OTP is the true power behind it. The whole let it crash way of thinking, the supervision trees, naming strategies across nodes, replicating data, eventual consistency, enforcing business rules/invariants across a distributed system, etc.

I believe ElixirSips had touched this subject, but I don't know how up-to-date ElixirSips is (I feel Elixir evolved syntactically, but the ideas might still be there).

My proposal is to have a drip that is a little more code agnostic and more about distributed thinking.


We'll be doing this! I'm marking it accepted but we won't work on it for a month or two most likely - in general, it will come after Firestorm hits 1.0 (July 4th is the plan). There will be a little bit of OTP involved in Firestorm but probably not at the level you're looking for. Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks to everyone that upvoted it! :)



Phoenix API Design

Benjamin Rosas



Phoenix is great for building APIs for front-end frameworks such as Elm, Ember, React and more. A course dedicated to the design and execution of an API-only Phoenix application would be truly useful to the full-stack and back-end developers among us.


A clean separation of an API-only back-end from a Front-end-of-your-choice is not only a common architectural choice in the real world, it is potentially easier to teach and learn. This is because such a course can sidestep all the choices behind and execution of JavaScript libraries and tools (e.g. brunch, webpack, ember, react, templates, stylesheets).


An API-only approach might be a put-off for those who want to build a complete app The Phoenix Way. Teaching Phoenix outside of the Elixir course can increase the temptation to learn Phoenix without first understanding Elixir fundamentals. Patterns that are described in this course could be misconstrued as gospel and (as with Rails) lead to the reluctance of developers to break the mold and do think differently.


Full-stack Phoenix application development (a la Firestorm). Include phoenix lessons within the Elixir track (status quo). Teach Phoenix fundamentals without specifically limiting it to API-only design.


We'll be covering APIs in Phoenix as part of the Firestorm Forum project, thanks for the suggestion!



Introduction to Go


I'm interested in learning more about Go. Plenty of smart people seem to really like it, and it's prevalence in projects like Docker and Kubernetes certainly draw a lot of interest.

I'd be interested in an introduction and maybe an exploration of ideal use cases for Go, particularly around backend and systems programming.


We are working with a great expert on Go and should have it in a few weeks.




Cristian David


These days, Vue 2 comes with a great ecosystem!

I am sure a lot of people will be interested in learning this. I personally would love to see vue on dailydrip

Thanks in advance!


We are working on a week covering VueJS backed by Koa. Hope to have it out in mid August!




Robert Pearce


The has taken a great approach to introducing this intimidating language, but it'd be great to have a Daily Drip on the topic to get small chunks of exposure.


We are working with Heath Matlock on this currently, and it should be ready in October.