Nintendo Switch



Nintendo Switch is the newest system by Nintendo, and is said to be extremely developer friendly. Let's find out how developer friendly it is by creating a basic game on it.


We really wanted to do this, but it looks like the Nintendo developer ToS preclude us from doing it.



Deploying + Hot upgrading Phoenix-Elm-Elixir-OTP Apps with Docker + Kubernetes

Tan Yeong Sheng


For those of us that build phoenix umbrella projects with phoenix 1.3, stitched to an elm-lang frontend, and deploys to single VM Host with a bunch of single-purposed docker containers (e.g. phoenix app container, elixir OTP with Mnesia/ETS app containers, PostgreSQL container, VerneMQ container, etc) orchestrated via docker-compose, it would be helpful to see how to orchestrate to a horizontally scalable solution that auto-wires up Kubernetes resources and Kubernetes pods for a truely location-agnostic self-service-discovered OTP networked of BEAM nodes across VM Hosts (along with potentially a cluster pair of Master-Slave PostgreSQL servers, a cluster pair of VerneMQ servers and a bunch of clustered Mnesia servers, etc).


We're rejecting this proposal for now for a few basic reasons:

  • We're in the process of producing content around Erlang-style deploys of Phoenix/Elixir apps
  • We're in the process of producing a week on each of Docker and Kubernetes
  • Teaching all of these things at once focused on just Elixir is less reusable than independent solutions for each

Once that content is out, if you'd like to re-propose this in light of those three bits of content, I'd be glad to consider it. Hopefully they are sufficient on their own though!

Thanks for the suggestion.