[002.1] Elm Remote Meetup #2

The second Elm Remote Meetup, featuring "Elm Stuff, by Luke Westby", "Collections and Equality: Challenge Accepted, by Robin Heggelund Hansen", and "The current state of Elm, by Noah Hall".

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Elm Remote Meetup #2 [07.28.2016]

This is the recording from the second Elm Remote Meetup by DailyDrip.

If you're interested in our other elm content, you can find it here.

There's no transcript of the video, but some important timestamps are as follows:

If you were wondering why we're doing a Remote Meetup in the first place, I wrote a bit about that and about how we started it out.

I hope you enjoy it. If you do, the best thing you can do to help make sure we can do these going forward in perpetuity is to subscribe to DailyDrip or tell a friend about us that might be interested. :heart:

Tiny technical note - this meetup was performed via Google HangoutsOnAir. We had to move from BigMarker due to some technical difficulties. They have resolved the issues we had, and we were able to successfully run the Elixir Remote Meetup on BigMarker - the experience was vastly superior to running it on Hangouts. For a bit of context for those still convinced we should just use Hangouts - we had 84 people in the BigMarker room when we started, but only around 40 migrated to hangouts. Contrast that to the much larger (~80) audience in the first Elm Remote Meetup, and the even larger (>100) audience in the Elixir Remote Meetup, both on BigMarker. When it's working, I maintain that BigMarker provides a much better experience for attendees, presenters, and myself as the host. Please bear with us as we get our technical situation sorted :)