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Elm Weekly Drip #15 and Exercise: Go Crazy With Styling [07.18.2016]

Lambda Rainbow

The linkdump, she has arrived. Build some GIFs (pronounced jiff); Learn from Philip Wadler; Stop writing clever code; Test your dependencies; Have 99 problems, but have Elm not be one.


This week, just play a lot with elm-css. It's hard to specify exactly what you might want to do with it, because styles are styles. However, I'd encourage you to play with pseudo-selectors, mixins, etc. I'll try to play with some of the fringes of the library to show them off in the solution next week. Also, it's definitely worth mentioning that at the time of this writing there is a bug with pseudo-selectors and other modifiers. So for now either try to work around those, or take this as an opportunity to submit a Pull Request to fix the bug :)