[016.5] Elm Weekly Drip #16 and Exercise: Translator Pattern

A smattering of interesting links in Elm-land, and implementing Translator for our exercise.

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Elm Weekly Drip #16 and Exercise: Translator Pattern [07.28.2016]


It's that time again. I know, I'm excited too. This week's links teach us: how to find our way; what fingers are good for; how to extend TEA; a little validation; JSON-API pleasantries; Elming up Emmet; and how to contribute to community Elm documentation on StackOverflow.

AStar - The A-Star pathfinding algorithm as an Elm package. [ from @krisajenkins ]

elm-fingertree - A fingertree for Elm. Fingertrees are purely functional data structures used to implement other data structures. There's an example Priority Queue implementation in there as well. [ from MatthewJohnHeath ]

extending-tea - An example of an extension to The Elm Architecture. Primarily revolves around passing a Context to multiple components and having them access it trivially. Example is passing the current user information around. [ via @MatiasKlemola ]

rtfeldman/elm-validate - A package from Richard Feldman that provides convenience functions for validating data. [ via @rtfeldman ]

elm-jsonapi - A library to help you work with any JSON API compliant payloads. [ via @noahzgordon ]

emmet-elm - An Emmet filter for Elm Html. [ via @andreashultgren ]

Elm documentation on StackOverflow - StackOverflow recently added a Documentation feature, and there's a good start to the Elm Documentation there.


This week, we implemented the OutMsg pattern for our component communication. There's another pattern that's in common use, called the Translator Pattern, from [Alex Lew](InTheNameOfLew).

For this week's exercise, implement the Translator Pattern for the purpose of sending messages out from our Chat component in place of the Outmessage package, and see which one you like better.