[022.5] Elm Weekly Drip #22 and Exercise: Use Validations on Remaining Resources

The Glorious Day of Links!

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Elm Weekly Drip #22 and Exercise: Use Validations on Remaining Resources [09.10.2016]

It is officially (and chronologically) The Glorious Day of Links. Also, a fairly straightforward (if mechanical) exercise awaits those-who-dare. In the links: Reuse, and Private State; Elm Remote Meetup #4 is coming!; autocomplete; strings of HTML.

The Elm Guide Section on Reuse

@czaplic added an (of-course) well-thought-out and extremely detailed resource to The Elm Guide related to building reusable things. The tl;dr is that nuance exists so maybe don't reach for one-size-fits-all. He also lays out four distinct situations and corresponding appropriate solutions. I love the final quote:

Note: I plan to fill this section in with more examples of growing your Model and update functions. It is roughly the same ideas though. If you find yourself repeating yourself, maybe break things out. If a function gets too big, make a helper function. If you see related things, maybe move them to a module. But at the end of the day, it is not a huge deal if you let things get big. Elm is great at finding problems and making refactors easy, so it is not actually a huge deal if you have a bunch of entries in your Model because it does not seem better to break them out in some way. I will be writing more about this!

[ from @czaplic ]

Private State: A Contrived Example (ML Thread)

This is a really long thread that has some interesting discussions related to the concepts addressed in the reuse page above (mostly).

Elm Remote Meetup #4

So the 4th Elm Remote Meetup is happening on Wednesday, September 21st at 20:00 UTC. So far here's what's planned:

  • Jonas Coch, @klaftertief - The why, how, past, present and future of https://klaftertief.github.io/elm-search/
  • @luke - I just wrote a nifty little word-wrap optimization algorithm with elm that’d be fun to talk about at meetup #4
  • @eeue56 - I can talk about some of the stuff we do at NRI/walk through some of my experiments and briefly discuss the interesting parts of the code

This is one of my favorite days each month. If you wanted to see videos of past remote meetups they're here:

And here are links specifically related to marketing this meetup:

[ from @knewter ]

elm-autocomplete v4 was released

A reusable, navigable menu for all your text input needs.

[ from @gregziegan ]

Elm - Awesomesauce or just yet another language for the Front-end ? : Magnus Rundberget

A nice intro to Elm. [Ed. Note: Use it to trick people into being happier.]

[ from @mrundberget ]


Elmx is a tiny precompiler that takes an Elm program with embedded HTML and desugars the HTML into elm-html syntax.

Like JSX for Elm.

[ from Patricio Zavolinsky ]


An HTML Parser, written in Elm. It has a nice demo.

[ from @jinjor ]


So this week was a little unusual, in that I started it with a very clear list of seemingly-achievable-things to do and ultimately got arguably one and a half of them done (errors messages and validation, light refactoring but nowhere near where I wanted to end up).

For this week's exercise, add the elm-mdl/elm-simple-form fields, with server-side validation wired up, to the remaining forms. If you're still feeling frisky after that, feel free to look at more radical ways you might want to refactor. See you soon!