[024.5] Elm Weekly Drip #24 and Exercise: App-Wide 401

Links on elm-conf, interesting projects, and some blog posts (so many links). Also, an exercise to provide 401 handling across the API.

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Elm Weekly Drip #24 and Exercise: App-Wide 401 [09.23.2016]

So many links to share today it's hard to know where to start. Any attempt at providing my usual snarky succinct list would just be too long, so let's skip that bit shall we? Also, we'll plan an exercise around handling the 401 Unauthenticated API response in all of our API requests without making the code get huge.

Let's get started. I'll include the Exercise first this time because otherwise it risks being hidden at the bottom of this giant list of links.


This week we added the ability to handle a 401 redirect in a single API call by redirecting to login and throwing away our API key. It required a decent bit of code, and of course we don't want to repeat that everywhere.

For this week's exercise, introduce some abstraction that makes handling API-wide 401s pleasant.


A really pleasant, human-readable API for building and executing regular expressions.

[ from @luke_dot_js ]

Chainable APIs with Forward Apply

A blog post by Luke from earlier this year in which he discusses building chainable APIs in Elm to make code read nicely.

[ from @luke_dot_js ]


A pleasant way to interact with types of the form (Model, Cmd Msg) that reduces boilerplate in a number of common scenarios

[ from @fresheyeball ]


Node main for Server-side Elm programs.

[ from @cscalfani ]

Elm is the New Rails

I think my new rule of thumb should be that all of my code should be fun to use. It worked for Rails, and it's working for Elm too.

[ from @gilesgoatboy ]


Mukesh Soni has turned his Frolic playground into an atom plugin. I don't use atom, but it looks amazing and I almost certainly will begin to introduce this into my teaching workflow.

[ from @mukeshsoni ]

Elm Town

There's an elm podcast! Presently listening to the first episode, but had to share it because it seems great so far :)

[ from @splodingsocks, with @jessitron and @mech_elephant ]

Why Elm is Going to Change the World

I wrote a mega-post on Elm and how it's going to change the world. I hope to continue to update this one post and make it better, but we'll see if I actually stick to that. Hopefully this is enough to convince some people to give it a try.

[ from @knewter ]

Elm Conf Videos

Also, the Elm Conf videos have been release (I'm thrilled about this because we sponsored them, and because elmconf was amazing). Here they are, in chronological order: