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Elm Weekly Drip #27 and Exercise: Loading and Search Everywhere [10.28.2016]

The most delightful Elm-related links I've come across this week are ahead, as well as an exercise to take the loading and search features we added to the Users table and spread them throughout the rest of the app.

First, though, on to the links, covering: Geocoding, Web Components, Lenses and Prisms and Isomorphisms, and a Category Theory course.


An Elm interface to the Google Geocoding API

A nice, pipeline-able API for constructing and sending requests to the Google Geocoding API. The test suite is also pretty nicely filled out.

[ h/t @labzero ]

Web Components in Elm with Polymer

This repository provides an example of building Web Components built in Elm.

[ h/t Rupert Smith ]


A Monocle-inspired library providing purely functional abstractions to manipulate complex records in the elm language.

I didn't know what Monocle was, but in general this library provides Lenses, Prisms, Isomorphisms, and Optionals. If you know what those are (I mostly am vaguely familiar, myself), then you know whether or not you want it. If you don't know what those are, have a look at the examples to get a feel for it.

[ h/t @opalaartur ]

Optical Swordplay with Components

Another post by Kyle Kress, this time about a library he's created to help reduce the boilerplate of encapsulated state in your Elm apps. Worth a read whether you feel like you need a tool for this or not.

[ h/t @toastal ]

Category Theory 1.1: Motivation and Philosophy

This is the first video in a series by Bartosz Milewski on Category Theory. Two separate people that I respect independently mentioned this video series today, so I've begun going through it. It's not short!

[ h/t @BartoszMilewski ]


In the last two episodes, we added Loading Screens and Search to our Users datatable. To reinforce that work, this week's exercise is to give the rest of the datatables the same treatment. See you soon!