[003.7] Elm Weekly Drip #3

A collection of links from the ML, Slack, and the internet in general. A video by Richard Feldman, a way to find new Elm libraries, and dealing with CSS/HTML Animations in Elm, and more!

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Elm Weekly Drip #3 [05.13.2016]

In this week's link dump, I'll share what I've run across in the Slack group and in my general internet rambling.

  • Richard Feldman - Effects As Data - this video is a great walkthrough of how Richard got involved in Elm, migrating an app he was building for himself from straight JavaScript to Elm, and all of the benefits that came from it. He also mentions how using lazy led to huge performance improvements with tiny code changes in his app.
  • Finding new Elm libraries at Libraries.io - if you want to find out what new Elm libraries are being created, this is a great resource. I've already found some neat things, though you should always check to make sure you aren't using a toy library in production :)
  • elm-cheat-sheet - this is just a cheat sheet for getting familiar with Elm. Pretty great.
  • elm-mdl - there have been a few different attempts to bring Material Design Lite to Elm, but this one seems to be picking up steam and getting some consolidation. No idea how that will shake out in the future, but for now it's what I'd use if I wanted MDL from Elm.
  • exercism.io Elm track - Mailing List discussion - here's a discussion on the efforts to produce an Elm track for exercism.io, which is a pretty great project for getting nitpick-style advice on various exercises in a plethora of languages.
  • exercism.io/languages/elm - ...and here's the soft-launch of the Elm track for exercism.io. I'll be trying it out!
  • CSS in Elm on the ML - a mailing list discussion of how to use CSS in Elm. Also touches on HTML Animation in Elm.
  • elm-html-animation - the library referenced in the ML discussion above for HTML animation in elm. NOTE: This library was from 0.16, and things have changed here a bit almost certainly - if you don't find a discussion of the 0.17 landscape in this library, just look around a bit I suppose.