[033.5] Elm Weekly Drip #33 and Exercise: Multiple Uploads

Links covering plotting, tacos, editor features, ember+elm, and optionality. Also, an exercise to manage multiple file uploads at once.

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Elm Weekly Drip #33 and Exercise: Multiple Uploads [01.09.2017]

This week we introduced FileReader and used it to preview images before upload, request permission to upload them to S3, and upload them to S3 directly. For this week's exercise, we'll expand the Model and Msgs to support handling multiple files at the same time. First, though, we'll look at what's been happening in the community.


Plotting library in Elm!

elm-plot's received a lot of work in the last couple of months, and it's looking great. Here's an example:

elm-plot example

Source Code

[ h/t @terezka ]


🌮 — a simple concept for managing common information in large Elm SPAs.

Ossi shares a pattern for handling app-wide context for your Elm application. I need to use this pattern in a project I'm working on right now - it's much more elegant than my current strategy!

[ h/t @ohanhi ]

Evan pointing out a new feature from elmjutsu

Less typing with types!

The elmjutsu atom package has been getting a few more awesome features. This tweet shows off auto-completion for cases.

[ h/t @maniniyap ]

Introducing ember-elm

Write Elm in your Ember.js app

An excellent project for embedding elm components into Ember and communicating with them.

[ h/t @nucleartide ]

Anatomy of Maybe — Part I: Introduction

Understanding Functional Programming Through Optionality

Kyle Kress provides another excellent article, this time introducing Maybe to JavaScript developers and comparing it to Elm.

[ h/t @toastal ]


For this week's exercise, support uploading multiple files at once. FileReader already supports it - in fact, we're already explicitly ignoring everything but the first file we get. We'll just need to extend our model to support managing more than one at the same time, as well as make multiple requests to the backend for new S3 tokens.

See you soon!