[039.5] Elm Weekly Drip #39 and Exercise: Native Navigation

Links from the community and an exercise to build a native app with navigation in Elm.

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Elm Weekly Drip #39 and Exercise: Native Navigation [04.06.2017]

Today we'll cover a host of news from the community as well as begin an exercise to cement our knowledge of elm-native-ui. First, the links.

elm-paginate: An API Design Post Mortem

A discussion of API considerations when building an abstraction around pagination concerns.

This is a great post detailing the evolution of an API for paginating through a collection of items. It ultimately lands on a more opaque - and consequently better - form of the pagination we used back in the time tracker app. The focus on API considerations makes it a great read.

[ h/t @jschomay ]

Fuzz Testing

This is an extremely well-written and detailed article that walks through Fuzz Testing in Elm with a pretty basic starting test, then moving on to a more involved test.

[ h/t @pawanpoudel ]

Introducing Elm Bootstrap

Build responsive Elm applications using Bootstrap 4.

Magnus Rundberget has been working on an Elm package to make it easy to build bootstrap-based applications for a while now, and it shows. The package is extremely well-built and the documentation site is great as well. I'm looking forward to trying it out soon.

[ h/t @mrundberget ]


Elm test runner

lobo is a test runner for Elm tests. It can run either elm-test tests or tests written with the lobo-elm-test-extra framework, which builds on top of elm-test. It allows you to focus and skip tests, as well as providing a nice runner interface.

[ h/t Ben Ansell ]


Compile your elm-css stylesheets using Brunch!

An easy way to use Brunch to compile your elm-css stylesheets.

[ h/t @dustinfarris ]

How I implemented json-to-elm

(5 times!)

Noah Hall talks through the path from inception to the json-to-elm that we know and love today.

[ h/t @eeue56 ]

Functional Programming Babelfish

Compare similar concepts between functional programming languages.

This is a great tool to help you see how to do something in a functional programming language you know well, in another functional programming language you know less-well :)

[ h/t @hakonrossebo ]

JSON Decoding in Elm is Still Difficult

Noah also wrote a great article describing some difficulty that people have writing JSON decoders in Elm presently, and offering up an alternative idea to consider.

[ h/t @eeue56 ]


This week we took a look at elm-native-ui. To prove to yourself that you understand it broadly, start with the Counter project and add navigation to it, switching between the Counter and the colors that we built in the last episode.