[003.6] Elm Weekly Drip #3 and Exercise: Clearing Completed Todos

Links from around the internet, and an exercise suggestion: clearing the completed todos.

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Elm Weekly Drip #3 and Exercise: Clearing Completed Todos [05.13.2016]

This week we'll work a bit more on TodoMVC in the Exercise. Before we get to that, let me share some links from I've run across in the Slack group and in my general internet rambling.

Richard Feldman - Effects As Data

This video is a great walkthrough of how Richard got involved in Elm, migrating an app he was building for himself from straight JavaScript to Elm, and all of the benefits that came from it. He also mentions how using lazy led to huge performance improvements with tiny code changes in his app.

This is from well before 0.18, but most of the value isn't in code minutiae anyway.

Finding new Elm libraries at Libraries.io

If you want to find out what new Elm libraries are being created, this is a great resource. I've already found some neat things, though you should always check to make sure you aren't using a toy library in production :)


This is just a cheat sheet for getting familiar with Elm. Pretty great.


This is a fantastic Elm implementation of Material Design Lite. It's been around for quite a while, and at this point I've built non-trivial software in it and had a great time :)

exercism.io Elm track - Mailing List discussion

Here's a discussion on the efforts to produce an Elm track for exercism.io, which is a pretty great project for getting nitpick-style advice on various exercises in a plethora of languages. This is a fairly old Mailing List thread but it's nice to see these things happening in a more behind the scenes manner if you aren't one to frequent Mailing Lists.


...and here's the Elm track for exercism.io, now in full swing quite a bit later!

CSS in Elm on the ML

A mailing list discussion of how to use CSS in Elm. Also touches on HTML Animation in Elm. Of the three libraries mentioned, I really enjoyed elm-css and have used it a bit, though in general I tend to still just link in a stylesheet for now via webpack.


This week we added the ability to mark Todos completed, filter the list by their state, and remove Todos manually. For this week's exercise, try to implement the Clear completed button in the footer, to make it remove all completed Todos from the list.

It should look an awful lot like yesterday's work. See you soon!