Drips from all Topics

[041] File, Part 1 [05.13.2016] by Josh Adams

cd; cp_r; chgrp; cwd; chmod; dir?; chown; exists? close; ls; copy

[048] Markdown Server, Part 3 [05.13.2016] by Josh Adams

Using Eml for markup, and bringing in Compass and Zurb Foundation for styles.

[045] Joe Armstrong's Favorite Erlang Program [05.13.2016] by Josh Adams

Sending messages to remote machines, and Joe Armstrong's favorite program, the universal server.

[007.4] Associated Values [11.10.2016] by Matthew Ray

Storing different values in enum cases & writing failable initializers.

[007.4] Creating a Service and Making a Promise [12.28.2016] by Matthew Ray

Creating an Addon - Part 3: Creating a Service, Object Destructuring, and Promises.