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Brandon Blaylock

Brandon started coding over 15 years ago. After taking a short break to teach college, he found his way back to software development. He spends most of his time on the front-end writing JavaScript, but enjoys working on the server as well. Brandon believes that writing for DailyDrip is a great way to combine two things he cares about a great deal: software and education.

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Daily Drip has easily been one of the most helpful resources on my journey to better understand Elixir and the Phoenix web framework.
Taylor Dolezal Software Architect
Taylor dolezal
With any language there are so many details to learn. What functions are built-in? How should I structure my code? What tools are available for improving my workflow? It’s rare to find one source that can answer so many of these questions, but DailyDrip does this and more for Elixir.
James Edward Gray II Developer
James edward gray
Daily Drip is by far the best resource for learning Elm anywhere, and among the very best online learning platforms, period.
Rex van der Spuy Author of 5 books on game development
Rex van der spuy

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An introduction to Ember, some resources, and the prerequisites fo...

Installation, up and running

Installing ember-cli and creating your first application.

Installing the Ember Inspector

An indispensable tool for Ember development.

Router, Routes, and Controller Basics

Learning how Ember router, routes, and controllers work.

Ember Weekly Drip #1 and Exercise - Building Nested Routes

Links that cover: APIs, RFCs, Discussions, Twiddles, Weekends; Als...

Solution and Prep for Components and Models

The solution to last week's exercise and some readings to prepare ...

Components and Actions

Building a custom component and passing a controller action to it.

The Model Hook and Ember Data Store

Ember Data, explained a bit.

Setting up Models and Adapters

A rapid introduction to Ember's Models and JSON API support.

Ember Weekly Drip #2 and Exercise - Showing a Contact and Adding Address

Links on: Serializers, route action helper, and a couple of interv...

Solution and Prep for Route and Component Exploration

The solution to last week's exercise, and readings to prepare for ...


A basic introduction to routes, followed by a detailed walkthrough...

Ember Components

A look at getting data from the route to a component.

Component Lifecycle Hooks

An introduction to the lifecycle hooks for components.

Ember Weekly Drip #3 and Exercise: Component with Internal State

Links on: Accessibility, Dependency Injection, Fastboot and Phoeni...

Solution and Prep for Services, Initializers and Dependency Injection

The solution to last week's exercise, and readings to prepare for ...


An introduction to Services. Load it lazy-like and let's throw in...

Dependency Injection with an Initializer

Injecting a service from an initializer.

Updating Data in a Service

Modifying data on a service by way of an action which will call a ...

Ember Weekly Drip #4 and Exercise: Posting Messages to the Page

Links that cover: Embedding Ember in an existing app; Ember Links;...

Solution and Prep

Expanding the current user and some reading about tests.

Unit and Integration Tests

Using Ember's default QUnit testing to test-drive a component with...

Acceptance Tests

Learning about testing the whole Ember app with acceptance tests.

Ember CLI Mirage

Using the Ember CLI Mirage client-side server along with Pretender...


An exercise with model relationships and computed properties. Some...

Solution and Prep

Solving relationship challenges and reading on component lifecycle...

Extending an Existing Application - Using the Component helper

Using the component helper to add something akin to polymorphism t...

Building your Application

Building your app for development and production and a super basic...

School Directory Adding Pagination

Adding JSON-API-compliant pagination to the School Directory appli...


Exercise extending our pagination and some reading covering pagina...

Creating an Addon - with tests

Creating an Addon - Part 1: Getting Started with our Components an...

Linking your addon locally and running tests

Creating an Addon - Part 2: Testing our Addon and Linking it Locally.

Creating a Service and Making a Promise

Creating an Addon - Part 3: Creating a Service, Object Destructuri...

Exercise and link dump

Exercise to Complete the Data Fetching Portion of our Addon and Li...

Addon Service Completion Solution

Creating an Addon - Part 4: Exercise Solution for Fetching Data f...

Completing Our Addon

Finishing the addon, publishing it to npm, and setting up CI.

Back to Actions: Some more details

Going into More Detail with Ember Actions.

Serializers - Munging some payloads

Learning about Serializers and Munging Through Irregular Payloads.

Links Dump and an Exercise

Links coving Serializers and Adapters, Mini Talks from Ember Camp ...

Solution for last week and prep for this week

Here we go over our solution to dealing with an irregular payload ...

Creating and Updating Records

We are looking at updating records with Ember using Dockyard's Emb...

Validations on our Edit

Adding validations while updating our records.

Creating and Deleting Records

We look at deleting records then creating records in Ember.

Links and Exercise

Here we have an exercise to add validation to record creation. We ...

Solution and Prep

Solution to the previous exercise adding validation to record crea...

Getting started with the Run Loop

Learning the basics of the Ember Runloop.

A little more about the Runloop.

A little more on the Runloop.

Observers: The villain of our story

The villain of our story: Observers.

Links and Exercise

Our exercise is to refactor some observers into computed propertie...

Solution and Prep

Solution to converting a few observers to computed properties and ...

Deploy to Heroku

Here we look at prepping our Ember app to deploy and deploying it ...


What is Fastboot and how can we use it in our apps?

Once More with Computed Properties

Talking about computed properties and watching the values of array...

Exercise and Links

Here we look at a couple of exercises where we can use Ember's bui...

Solution and Prep

Here we go over the solutions to the computed exercise and get a f...

Utils and Helpers

We are looking at using and creating helpers for your templates an...

A Bit More Detail on Template Conditionals

We go over Inline conditionals and other uses of `{{else}}`

Component Yield and Attributes

Wrapping components can yield context to their wrapped items. We c...

Ember Wrap up

Wrapping up, some places for further learning and some resources t...