[001.3] Installing the Ember Inspector

An indispensable tool for Ember development.

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Installing the Ember Inspector [09.09.2016]

Yesterday we installed Ember CLI and got our first very basic Ember app up and running. Today we are going install an indispensable tool for Ember development: the Ember Inspector.


If you are on Chrome go here and follow the instructions to install the addon.


If you use Firefox go the addons page and install the inspector from there.

Once you have the inspector installed, open your terminal and cd to the root directory of the ember app you created yesterday.

Then start your server:

$ ember s

Now, in your browser, go to http://localhost:4200 and open your developer tools. At the far right of your developer toolbar you should now see Ember.

If you click on the Ember Inspector you will have several options that will allow you view parts of your Ember application in depth as it is running. You can come here to view your model data, route structure, and the state of various properties on your controllers and components.


That is it for today. Tomorrow we will learn more about Ember CLI’s generators and we will create our first routes and controllers.