[001.7] HTML & CSS Weekly Drip #1

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HTML & CSS Weekly Drip #1 [05.13.2016]

This is the first CSS & HTML Weekly Drip from DailyDrip. The Weekly Drip is a roundup of links from the week as well as a few links to interesting CSS & HTML topics around the internet that are relevant to the corresponding week of work.

  • w3c - Inheritance and cascade by the w3c
  • Codepen - a great place to try out snippets of HTML/CSS/JS in your browser
  • csszengarden - great site showing the potential of CSS
  • vanseodesign.com - interesting blog post on sematic html
  • Mozilla CSS - Mozilla's CSS reference
  • Mozilla HTML - Mozilla's HTML reference
  • DailyDrip - The site behind the CSS/HTML Daily Drip and this newsletter.