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Software Engineer with experience working in multi-cultural teams, Franze wants to help people when he can, and he is passionate about programming and Computer Science. Founder of RemoteMeetup.com where he can meet people all over the World. When Franze is not coding, he is studying something about programming.

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Daily Drip has easily been one of the most helpful resources on my journey to better understand Elixir and the Phoenix web framework.
Taylor Dolezal Software Architect
Taylor dolezal
With any language there are so many details to learn. What functions are built-in? How should I structure my code? What tools are available for improving my workflow? It’s rare to find one source that can answer so many of these questions, but DailyDrip does this and more for Elixir.
James Edward Gray II Developer
James edward gray
Daily Drip is by far the best resource for learning Elm anywhere, and among the very best online learning platforms, period.
Rex van der Spuy Author of 5 books on game development
Rex van der spuy

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Modern Javascript with ES8

Finish up ES8 API

Finish the ES5 API and start building an ES8 API

Start seeing some differences between ES5 and ES8 by comparing how...

Build an API in ES5

Build and Assess an API made in ES5

Start building an API in ES5 and ES8

Configure and Scaffold an API in ES5 and ES8

Compare ES8 and ES5

Take a look at ES8 and ES5 features side by side

What is Deep Learning and a quick Overview of what Neural Networks are

A quick overview on Neural Networks

Propagations in a Neural Network + Linear Regressions

Checking what happens inside our NN execution

Solve a Problem using Neural Networks

Guessing the continent of a country based on GNP, Area, and Population

Implementing a simple Neural Network

Implementing a Neural Network using perceptrons

Understanding Neural Networks

What are Neural Networks

Preact: Why you should use it or not.

A quick rundown on Preact

Styling views and Errors in Koa

Use Pug to style the guitar amp pages and errors in your application.

Write your first view in Koa.js with Pug

Start styling your application with the pug rendering engin

Serving Static Assets in Koa.js

Complete configuration and middleware setup of your application.

Koa.js Core Server Configuration

Import modules and setup configuration to get your Koa.js app started.

Getting Started with Koa.js

Quick intro to Koa.js and installation.

Caching API calls using Service Workers

How to cache API calls using Service Workers

Using Gatsby and Grommet to build a PWA

Using the best of Gatsby and Grommet together

Manifest and Caching with sw-precache

Understanding manifest.json and using sw-precache

JavaScript Workers

Understanding JavaScript workers and how to use them

What is a PWA and Why should I care?

Diving into the PWA world