[010.5] React Native Weekly Drip #10, and Exercise: A soundboard app

Interesting Links for the week and creating a soundboard app

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React Native Weekly Drip #10, and Exercise: A soundboard app [02.10.2017]

React Native at Instagram

React Native has come a long way since it was open-sourced in 2015. Fewer than two years later, it’s being used not only in Facebook and Facebook Ads Manager, but also in many other companies, from Fortune 500 companies to hot new startups.

React Native version 0.41 is out

This is 0.41.0 release, referred to as January 2017 according to the new release schedule.


Native Video editing/trimming/filtering library for React-Native

react-native ESP8266 smartconfig module

Smart config module

Developing in React Native using Atom and Flow

This post intends to show you how to get the flow errors and warnings in your Atom editor as well as how to set up pre-commit to restrict committing code that has Flow errors.

Building a mobile app with React Native

Building a mobile app with React Native.

React Native Templates

App templates are an idea to make it easier to get started with React Native. Currently to get started you can install React Native and create an empty app quickly. But then in many cases you'll want to do some basic things: - Add a few screens to the app - Render a list of data from the backend - Handle text input and onscreen keyboard correctly


PÜL - A carpooling app designed for students to help each other get more involved in their community.

Major technologies used

  • Exponent
  • React Native
  • ex-navigation
  • MobX
  • Moment.js

Top 7 Editors for React Native Mobile App Development

The best 7 code editors you can use for React Native to create immaculate mobile apps. However, developers must understand that the word “Best” may vary as per their specific requirements.


We will create a soundboard App using Firebase Storage. For this, you should probably use React Native Audio.

  • Have a button to make an audio and record it
  • The audio should be stored using Firebase Storage
  • List all the audios you have uploaded