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React Native Weekly Drip #11, and Exercise: Ignite Theming [02.21.2017]


React Native Smooth Swipe List

A swipe-able ListView component modeled after the list view in the iOS Mail app.

React Native’s experimental new FlatList component

Including: How to migrate from ListView, and how to try it in your own app without building React Native from source.

React Native FlatList

An experimental new React Native component called FlatList. It significantly improves memory usage and efficiency (especially for large or complex lists) while also significantly simplifying the props — no more dataSource necessary!


A simple react native component to make an expanding circle transition.

React London February 2017 Meetup Video

Interesting talk:

Introducing the new react-native upgrade

First Steps in gRPC Bindings for React Native

First Steps in gRPC Bindings for React Native


Yet another Image component for React Native with images cached into file system


In our Path studying Ignite, we will see something interesting, Theme. For this week's exercise, change the Theme of our app and play with this part of Ignite.