[012.5] React Native Weekly Drip #12, and Exercise: Test Redux Thunk

Exercise: Testing Redux Thunk and some interesting links

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React Native Weekly Drip #12, and Exercise: Test Redux Thunk [03.02.2017]

Redux 4 Ways

Implementations of Thunk vs. Saga vs. Observable vs. Redux Promise Middleware in 10 minutes.

The Elm Architecture

This week, we talked about Redux Loop again. Take some time today and read about Elm Architecture.

Capturing Pictures in React Native

Article talking about how to capture pictures in React Native.


A simple paginated react-native ListView with a few customization options, which is very useful for working with paginated data. It can either auto fetch data – like an infinite scrolling list – or it can render a “load more” button and a loading spinner.

Bar Collapsible React Native

A React Native bar component with different interactions: Text Only, Clickable, Collapsible.

React Native Audio Streaming

iOS & Android React Native module that plays an audio stream, with background support and media controls.

Putting the Native in React Native

One advantage you often hear about writing React Native applications is the ability to drop down into the native code whenever necessary. This article explains that really well.


This past week we have covered a bit how to make Asynchronous calls in Redux, using Sagas and Loop. There are other options like Redux Thunk.

Use the Pokemon API Calls project and change it to Thunk.