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React Native Weekly Drip #15, and Exercise: Working with Gyroscope in Expo [04.12.2017]

React Native Remote Meetup #2

Two talks in the last React Native Remote Meetup. One talk with Parashuram about Microsoft Mobile Center and another talk about MobX with Sanket.

React Native from Zero to DevOps

In this video you can see how to set up the Microsoft CI for React Native. Very powerful.

Adding API to an Ignite React Native App

Check out on this video how to add an API to an Ignite App.

React Native Transition

A fully customizable view transition library for react-native. The library could be used to transition entire screens or small parts within a View.

React Native Beautiful Image

The Image component that supports fadeIn animation and shows placeholderSource if the main source can't be loaded. More will be implemented.


A building for building cross-platform apps.


The exercise of today is also work with the Expo SDK. You need to set up the Gyroscope, show the coordinates on the screen and keep this screen awake. To keep the screen awake, there are some React Native libraries, but we can't use that and we need to use just the Expo SDK.