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React Native Weekly Drip #2, and Exercise: Get your favorite pokemon [11.17.2016]

Saving Data in your React Native Mobile app

A complete tutorial on how to use AsyncStorage, also with a video.


If you find AsyncStorage interesting, but you want to try a new solution for storing data. You might try Realm. Realm already have a support for React Naveit. Give it a try!


We saw this week how to use the Fetch from Network. If you want to use another solution, Axios is a good one.

Interacting with APIs using React Native Fetch API

A quick overview on how to use Fetch API.

This week we saw about APIs, I don't know if you heard about GraphQL. Here a good example Using Relay and GraphQL together.


Use the pokemon API, get your preferred pokemon and show in the screen.

  • Type the pokemon you want
  • Use an API call and get the pokemon information
  • If you type a wrong name, you should get a message saying the pokemon was not found
  • Use Activity Indicator for feedback reasons

API Endpoint: