[003.5] React Native Weekly Drip #3, and Exercise: Write once components

How to use the same code and generate different components and native components for iOS and Android.

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React Native Weekly Drip #3, and Exercise: Write once components [12.03.2016]

Understanding React Native Flexbox

A good explanation on how React Native Flexbox really works.

Aligning Children using Flexbox in React Native

You will see how Flexbox is flexible and you will figure out how to align items using flexbox.

React Native Layout Examples

Some good examples of how to do layouts in React Native.

Easy upgrades, relying on Git

Sometimes when you want to upgrade your React Native version it can be difficult and problematic. Right now, we have a new way to update the version of React Native, relying on Git. If you want to know more about it, check also the Upgrading session.

Mini Tutorial React Router Flux

In this week, we have used React Router Flux, here you can see a small tutorial and see all the features React Router Flux can have.

Platform specific Code

In this week, we saw some specific components. To do that, we can also use the Platform module.

React Native for OSX

Build Apps for OSX using React Native.

React Native Touchbar

Build apps for OSX and using Touchbar using React Native.


Now that we have done specific components, this exercise is to create a Refresh component. TheRefresh component is write once and it generates a native component for ios and Android.

  • You should create one screen.
  • Implement a refresh component
  • Build for iOS and Android
  • Check in both platforms, you have a native component.

Isn't this amazing? Have a great weekend!