[004.5] React Native Weekly Drip #4, and Exercise: Actions and Lists

Interesting links for the week and exercise using listviews

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React Native Weekly Drip #4, and Exercise: Actions and Lists [12.09.2016]

React Native stars on github

React Native has surpassed 40k ★ on GitHub!

@Airbnb Trips Platform

AirBnb Trips platform app is 90+% written in #reactnative!

React Native Responsive Image

Responsive image component for React Native

How to Snapshot Test Everything in Your Redux App With Jest

Learn how to make snapshopt test.

What we learned after using React Native for a year

It's always good to know what people are talking about a technology, especially when it has been used for some time.

Nuclide Debugger

You can debug using Nuclide. If you're already using Atom, you can give it a try!

React Native Cacheable Image

An Image for React Native that will cache itself to disk.


In this exercise you need to create a ListView with actions that take you to a second screen. In the second screen you should show the list item content.